Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to Create A Badge Of Your Facebook

Create a Badge From a Template
  1. Log into your facebook account
  2. Click on the "My Profile" link to view your current profile after you have logged in.
  3. Select the "Create a Profile Badge" link that can be found on your profile.
  4. Choose a template to help create your badge. A photo badge showcases your most recent photo uploads. The Signature Badge has your contact information and is ideal for email and forum signatures. The blog badge is a great addition to your external Web site or blog.
  5. Set the preferences for your template. While they may vary slightly, you must select a layout (Horizontal or Vertical) and a format (Image or JavaScript) for each template.
  6. Finish making changes to your badge and click "Save" to get directions for posting your badge. You will need to copy and paste the provided code into the Web site where you want the badge to appear.
Create a Custom Badge
  1. Show your individuality by choosing to "Create a Badge" from the "Create a Profile Badge" page.
  2. Set the basic layout and format.
  3. Add any items from the drop-down menu that you want to include in your badge. Click the "Add Item" button to add it to your badge. You may add more than one item. With no template, you can add anything you want to your badge. It will preview as you make additions.
  4. Hit the "Save" button to complete your badge and get the necessary code to post it.
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